Malmö is located in the very south of Sweden, only 15 minutes away from Denmark and Copenhagen Airport. If you’re flying in from another country, we recommend you to book your flight to CPH Airport. Yes, to Denmark, no joke. From there, you travel to Malmö and Sweden by train. It only takes 20 minutes for you to arrive in the city center, close to the venue, the hotels and the hospitable warmth of the Malmöites.


The Conference 2020 will take place at Slagthuset MMX, located only 3 minutes walking distance from Malmö Central Station. It’s a fantastically venue with lots of history. For one, it used to be a slaughter house. An heritage we won’t honor at The Conference, but it’s beautiful nonetheless.


Need a place to stay while you’re in town for The Conference? We have a deal with Clarion Malmö Live, book via email and state promo code “THECONF2020” to get a better price.


Never satisfied, ever debated, always engaging. Malmö is a character of its own: a visionary city with a strong will and the confidence to go its own way. This not particularly royal, southern pearl of Sweden is a huge part of what The Conference is all about. Those who’ve been here before knows this very well, and those who haven’t are in for a pleasant surprise.

Malmö has been Swedish since the Danes gave it back to us in 1658. Nowadays there is a really nice bridge connecting Malmö to Copenhagen. In recent years, Malmö has made an amazing journey from industrial city to international center for innovation and culture.

Malmö might be small in size, but its rich cultural scene an d vibrant urban life makes it feel like something much bigger.

The best part of being "not that big"? Rent a bike or take a walk, virtually everything is near. It is the city of youth and diversity. 50 percent are younger than 30 and collectively, the people of Malmö speak 176 different languages. Welcome to our Malmö!